In The Beginning
This New Historic and Exciting era began in February of 1998 in St. Petersburg, Florida. That was when a little boy asked to represent Jackie Robinson, during a Black History Celebration. After Discovering Ignored, Untold, Altered, and Forgotten History, about the history of African American Baseball, I decided to tell America about The History of African American Baseball, by way of a series of Hand Painted Wall Murals (12 wall murals on 8 buildings within 10 blocks) on 16th Street so.

                                                        Passing The Torch
On August 20, 1999, I met with a MLB and Negro Baseball Legend John " Buck " O' Neil, whom had come to St. Petersburg
to participate in the Historical Walk Down Memory Lane and to meet with other Tampa Bay Legends, during a Salute to The Negro Leagues, that was hosted by the former Tampa Bay Devil Rays. After witnessing what was going on 16th Street,
pertaining to the Storytelling Wall Mural Series, the Growing Demand for more Negro Baseball Entertainment, the Old Timers that still wanted to play again and the Inner-city Youth, that wanted to learn about Negro Baseball as well as to Play The Game of Negro Baseball, John " Buck " O' Neil Passed The Torch to Bring Back Negro Baseball as well as to continue The History of African American Baseball over to me.
           " Let History Begin.... Again "
                               The 1st Florida State / Tampa Bay Negro Baseball Series since 1960.
                   St. Petersburg Pelicans                                                         Tampa Black Smokers
Six Months after being Appointed by "Buck" O' Neil to bring back Negro Baseball, I hosted The 1st Florida State / Tampa Bay Negro Baseball Series since 1960, between the St. Petersburg Pelicans and Tampa Black Smokers.
                        Negro Baseball is back!  In Louisville, KY
In August of 2001, 2002 and from April to Septemoer of 2003, I hosted my New Negro RNBI ( Reviving Negro Baseball in Inner-cities ) Youth Baseball Program to Over 1000 Inner-city Youth. This RNBI Inner-city Youth Baseball  Program, was very successful in Tampa, Largo and St. Petersburg, Florida.
                                        A Triple Crown Winner
    Tropicana Field                                               Brighthouse Networks Field                           Al Lang Stadium/Progress Energy         2000 & 2001                                                                     2004                                                              2010
Since 2000, Thomas M. English has hosted 3 New Negro RNBI Baseball Games, inside of 3 Major League Stadiums.
And now I have an open variety of Multi-cultural and Co-ed BlackBall Players, Teams and Leagues from across the nation, that are on standby to participate in A Great American Effort to Bring Back Negro Baseball, a Black Major League and also to continue The History of African American Baseball, by way of The Next Generation of BlackBall Players " Our Innercity Youth " in an African American Baseball Production called,
                                         The Big Experiment II
                             " The Return of Negro Baseball "
The Big Experiment II will involve New Negro RNBI Baseball Games, Weekend Tournaments, Playoffs, Championships,
WORLD SERIES and All-Stars. Along with a New Negro RNBI Baseball Museum, Storytellings by The Old Timers, Salutes to The Long Lost Legends, Vintage Games, Celeberty Guests, The Fans Can Play too and Much More. The Big Experiment II is also collaborating with The nXbl / National Extreme Baseball League, in hosting " A New Way of Playing The Game of Baseball " called " Double Diamond Baseball ", featuring The Tampa Bay Black Sox here in the Tampa Bay area.
                                            Media Supporters
FOX 13 News and Sports, NBC / News Channel 8, CBS / 10 Connects, ABC 28 News, Bay News 9, Florida's News Channel,
City of St. Petersburg City Channel 35, St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune, in Louisville, KY ABC 32 Sports and CBS 11 News and Louisville Times.
                     Sponsors, Supporters and Contributors
  This New, Historic and Exciting Birth of A New Era, would not be possible, if not for the Love, Respect and Admiration                                  from this partial list of Great American Sponsors, Supporters and Contributors.
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Our Lord Jesus Christ       Play It Again Sports   Budweiser           Kindred Hospital   Frito Lay          Brighthouse Networks 
St. Petersburg Times        Tropicana Field         Tropicana Field   Domino's Pizza     Budweiser       WRXB am 1590
Tampa Bay Devil Rays     TECO People's Gas    TECO                   Louisville Times  Louisville Bats   Tropicana Field
The Home Depot               Louisville Slugger     Allen Sport Cnt.  CBS 11 News        Dean Milk          Michelle B. Patty
Lowes                               Fox 13 Sports            Tropicana Field   City of Louisville  Fisher's Meats
Sherwin Williams             CBS 10 News              Winn-Dixie          Budweiser           Sarah Lee 
City of St. Petersburg       City of St. Petersburg  Tampa Tribune   ACE Hardware    City of Louisville
Weed and Seed               City of Tampa             City of Tampa     Louisville Times  Bridges Smith Paints
St. Petersburg Times       St. Petersburg Times  City of Louisville  Scorpio's Tshirts
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Paulette M. Jones          16th Street Plaza
Michelle B. Patty 
And I would like to Encourage You Too, to become a Sponsor of This Great American Effort called The Big Experiment II.
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